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Veteran Chef Sandy Daza cooks with SMEG at the comfort of his own home with his latest show entitled “Casa Daza”. He shares easy-to-follow steps, from preparation to plating, while revealing interesting stories behind each recipe. Newbies and seasoned cooks will delight in the dishes that will encourage viewers to cook, eat & celebrate with the whole family. Each episode will showcase recipes that are inspired by Chef Sandy’s own family favorites.

On one of the episodes Chef Sandy features Binondo staples such as noodle recipe pancit sotanghon guisado, popular meat entréepata asado, and the classic Binondo fried chicken.

Japanese cuisine also takes centerstage as the kitchen master features easy-to-cook Japanese restaurant bestsellers like chicken kara-age, sukiyaki and tonkatsu.

Get to know some of the Dazas’ favorite classic Filipino recipes such as kare-kare with bagoong alamang guisado, bistekTagalog, and Sandy’s famous chicken and pork adobo on the following episode

And lastly,discover how to prepare Spanish tapas perfect for hosting dinners and get-togethers with the chef’s easy-to-follow steps on making patatas bravas with spicy aioli sauce, bacalao ala viscayna, and the fresh fruit wine cocktailsangria.

Catch “Casa Daza” every Monday at 9PM on Lifestyle TV.