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This Italian brand of appliance offers more than just vintage refrigerators

Defining the very essence of modern living are your home appliances which add warmth and convenience to your home. When it comes to these type of electronics, trust no brand other than Smeg Philippines. For almost 30 years, the brand has been known for excellence in designing and manufacturing small to large-sized appliances in Europe and the rest of the world. The epitome of Italian style and technology, you couldn’t ask for anything more than Smeg Philippines.

Why choose Smeg 

As an award-winning brand, Smeg Philippines offers tasteful and elegant appliances to their consumers. With their drive to provide only the best, the brand is one of the firsts to collaborate with world-famous architects to design their appliances. Top class technology and design, you wouldn’t find a brand as innovative as Smeg.


When it comes to designing appliances, Smeg pays attention to detail and design solutions that would bring life to your home. With the support of renowned architects such as Guido Canali, Mario Bellini, the Piano Design studio, industrial designer Marc Newson, and Giancarlo Candeago, Smeg ensures that aesthetics would match innovation.

Italian Style

Staying true to their heritage, Smeg pays homage to true Italian style. Passionate about creativity, Smeg takes ordinary appliances and adds a flair of functionality and aesthetic to their creations. Inventive intelligence, originality, and product quality, these are the qualities that best describe Smeg’s Italian style.


Smeg offers technology that’s more than just aesthetics. Fueling their passion for creativity, the brand takes into account the technology that goes into all their products. From the drawing board to the brand’s world-class laboratories, the brand develops solutions which respond to demands of contemporary living. 100% committed and 100% reliable, Smeg ensures durability, safety, and flexibility on all their products.