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Smeg’s retro range of fridges, dishwashers, small appliances and a Victoria cooker all play a starring role in a new blockbuster film


Our iconic appliances feature throughout the new ‘Security’ film starring Antonio Banderas, Ben Kingsley and Gabriella Wright.Smeg’s retro range of fridges, dishwasherssmall appliances and a Victoria cooker all play a starring role in a new blockbuster film released in July 2017. The film focuses on an ex special services veteran (Banderas) who is down on his luck and desperate for work. He takes a job at a shopping mall as a security guard. During his first night shift, he opens the doors to a young distressed girl. The girl has fled the police while she was being transported to testify as a trial witness in a large case. Hot on her heels is a psychopathic hijacker (Ben Kingsley) with a band of resourceful henchmen, all determined to stop at nothing to eliminate the young witness.

Throughout the action packed adventure, events unfold in a US shopping mall which has a Smeg pop-up right in the heart of the mall. Our beautiful products witness drama at all levels, including high octane shoot-outs, dramatic deaths and tense planning. Many of the products ended up being used as shields but held up to the gunfire like true champions!

A full gallery of photos from the film and behind the scenes is below.